is it true...myths & mysteries

not everything you've heard about coffee is true...

#1 Italy makes the best coffee- FALSE

Italy does not actually grow any coffee, period. The Italian coffee companies that are famous for their espresso brands are so because their coffees have distinct characteristic roasts and blends. 

#2 Coffee is good for your memory- TRUE

Studies have shown that caffeine heightens brain activity in the areas of the brain related to memory and attention, thus suggesting that coffee can focus your memory (at least temporarily)

#3 Decaf is better for you- UNDECIDED

Decaf coffee still actually contains caffeine, about 10% of a regular cup. Depending on the decaf process, you may be getting more chemicals with your less caffeine. Traditional decaf processes use methylene chloride to extract the caffeine.

#4 The freezer will keep my coffee fresh-FALSE

Coffee likes dry dark places. Your freezer and fridge are not. They can cause condensation that will accelerate flavour loss. The cupboard is the best place to keep them.

#5 Robusta is used in espresso because it is necessary- FALSE

It was traditionally used as a filler because the beans are cheaper, but it also increases the crema. That is not to say that a perfectly good espresso blend can't be made from 100% Arabica beans. But Robusta beans can give your espresso a bit more of a kick, as they are typically higher in caffeine content.

#6 Coffee cures a hangover- FALSE

Hangovers are a complex states of which dehydration is a factor. Coffee is a diuretic which will dehydrate you further. It will make you more alert, but it won't sober you up. We beleive prevention is the best

#7 Crema is the sign of a good espresso-FALSE

As long as your beans are fresh, you will create crema, even if your beans are not the best. Taste and aroma are the only ways to rate coffee. 

#8 Dark roast contains more caffeine- FALSE

Because the roasting process breaks down the caffeine, dark roasts traditionally have less. They may seem like they do because of their darker richer taste.  Visit our Products page  to see our special roasts.

#9 I can use one grind for any brewing method- FALSE

In this case, SIZE does matter. Grocery store grind will be ok, but you will definitely receive better results if you grind your own in a good grinder according to your brewing method. Visit our Brewing Tips page 

#10 Coffee is hard to give up-UNDECIDED

The stimulant affect of caffeine can cause mild 'withdrawal' symptoms such as headaches and lethargy, especially when you "cold turkey". If you want to stop, try weaning yourself off a little at a time or try drinking decaf. Our question is: Why would you want to in the first place??