Heroes helping Heroes

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our donation page to see how you can further support the Burnaby Hospital Foundation
and the ongoing battle with Coronavirus.
We all know of the sacrifices that are being made on the front lines of this vicious disease.
Our health care Heroes hear us each night at 7 and truly appreciate it. 
But is there more that we can do? No doubt our lives have been impacted in many different ways- socially, financially, mentally, physically... 
Lions Bay Coffee Roasters has created a GoFundMe page where YOU can take a moment to make a difference in the fight!
PLEASE do what you can to support our LOCAL Heroes!
All donations will go directly to Burnaby Hospital Foundation where they will be allocated to the necessary areas of need.
Vibrant communities are healthy communities- and they require high-quality hospitals and medical. Burnaby Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of the hospital. BHF bridges the gap between what the government funds and what the community needs. Visit www.bhfoundation.ca for more information.
Donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.