Start your coffee journey with us.

If you're starting a new café, restaurant or just looking for a new supplier we are here to help you. At Lions Bay Coffee Company, we sustainably serve high-quality coffee beans. If you'd like to learn more about our sustainability efforts click here

Our approach to wholesale coffee is based on quality, consistency, and integrity. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to provide education and training for our partners. We value our partners and work closely with them to help with a successful business.

If you're interested and would like to learn more about our partnership, please fill out the form below.

Our Coffee Partnership

Training & Education

We offer training for local businesses in British Columbia. We are here to guide you and answer any questions you may have. Our team is always one phone call away. 

Coffee Supply

We have a full line up of freshly roasted coffee blends. Varying from single origins to espresso and Swiss water decaf. Our team can provide cups with our logo in both hot & cold cups. Along with the lids and sleeves. 

Click here to view or download our current coffees product listing page.

Retail Program

Since we are located in many retailers across British Columbia, Canada. In addition to the larger bag of coffee supply to your business, we can provide our regular one-pound bag for retail sale at your business.

Personalized Marketing support

Our team will increase your brand awareness by promoting our partnership through our social media channels. We will tailor our marketing tactics to your clientele. We are very active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Don't stress about finding the right equipment. Our team will help you source all the right equipment to get you started such as espresso machines, grinders, small wares, brewers etc. 

Innovative Team

We are always on the lookout for the ‘new best thing’. From healthy smoothie options, unique lattes, seasonal coffee beverages, cold brew, nitro brew, brewing equipment… pretty much anything coffee related. You'll be up to date with the latest coffee trends.


Receive free local delivery throughout Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. At Lions Bay Coffee Company we make it a priority to provide next day delivery. Best of all, no minimum purchase required.

We ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Any expired product can be returned and if you are not satisfied with any product we will gladly exchange it. Proudly serving Globally Sourced, Locally Roasted, and Freshly Delivered® coffee. 

By choosing us, you receive a direct relationship with our roaster that includes development of exclusive blends, efficient communication, and a transparent mutually beneficial relationship. 

Sample pack - Lions Bay Coffee Roasters
Sample pack - Lions Bay Coffee Roasters

Travis's Backpack Sample Pack


Travis loves the outdoors and what could be better than enjoying freshly brewed coffee along with the breathtaking views...

These 2.5oz packs are light and easy to take along anywhere. 

He has chosen to bring along all 5 because, well, he doesn't want to play favourites.

Each pack is ground to a medium grind that is great for most coffee makers. Each pouch is enough for a 10 cup coffee maker.


  • Two Lions Espresso Roast 
  • Two Lions Decaf Espresso Roast (Swiss Water® Process)
  • Harvey Creek Blend (dark roast)
  • Oceanview Blend (medium/dark roast)
  • Centennial Trail Blend (medium roast)