beans, brews & more

Adjusting to the new normal? You've got the beans, now learn how to make the best brew at home.

  • buy freshly roasted beans - Lions Bay Coffee, of course!
  • store your beans properly - a cool, dry place in an airtight container. NOT the fridge or the freezer.
  • coffee should be used 3-4 weeks after roasting for optimal flavour, and within 7-14 days of opening the sealed package. your coffee comes in state-of-the-art packaging. use this to your advantage to help keep your coffee fresh.
  • size matters. ensure your grind is the right consistency for your brewing method. if you don't have a good grinder at home don't be shy. take your beans to your local barista. just be sure to let them know your preferred brewing method.
  • keep your equipment clean.
  • filter your water. this has a huge impact on flavour.
  • ensure your water temperature is appropriate for your method, your grind and the roast you are using.