about us

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Roast artisan small batch, locally, ethically sourced coffee at a fair price.

In 2012, we were born in Lions Bay by founder and master roaster, Kelvin. It all started with a roasting machine out of a garage that has grown into an established BC Local Brand in more than 50 Local Grocery Retailers. We continue to hold a personal connection to our local community and to all the members a part of it.

We work with our local partners to source the best Arabica Beans from select growers around the world. Developing a profile that is unique to each bean to highlight it's individual personality. Hand roasting in small batches allows us to create the perfect roast, that is packaged immediately- in one pounds bags, (call us 'old fashioned') to prevent any loss of the delicate flavours and aromas.

Everything we do is in the passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee.

We hope that you will enjoy our coffees as much as we do!