Looking for an EASY recipe for cold brew?


This recipe is tried and true. All you need is coffee and a French Press!

  1. Make sure that your press is shiny and clean!
  2. Select your coffee: Our favourites are Kelvin Grove Blend or Harvey Creek Blend. But try them all and find your favourite.
  3. Measure your whole bean coffee to the same ration as you would if you were making a hot brew. Our recommendation is 15g per 8oz of cold water, or 2/3C for a 32oz press.
  4. Grind your coffee to as coarse a grind as your grinder will go. 
  5. Add coffee to press. Slowly add COLD water into the press. Stirring as you go to ensure that all the coffee comes into contact with the water. Once the press is full, give the coffee another good stir. Cover the press with plastic wrap. We don't want our coffee to taste like the inside of our fridge.
  6. This is the most difficult step: Put it in the fridge and wait for 24 hours! Trust us, it's worth it.
  7. Once you've suffered through the 24 hours, press your coffee as you normally would and voila! Enjoy!

At this point, we would recommend pouring your cold brew into an airtight container for the fridge and start the process again. You are not going

to want to run out of this cold brew! It's great on it's own and over ice. It also makes a great base for other drinks: coffee martini anyone? 

We hope you enjoy this recipe!