Slidin' with the City

Lions Bay Coffee was honoured to be invited to partner with London Drugs Lonsdale for this exciting event. The weekend weather was perfect for the 1000ft slide down Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. We had a great time sharing our most popular blend with sliders over the weekend. The Harvey Creek Blend proved to be a winner, with many sliders coming back of a second cup. For those that came by on Sunday, we had a very special treat. In honour of the warm weather, we brewed up a batch of cold brew coffee. This sweet, clean, complex concunction proved to be very popular. Visitors found it surprisingly clean and refreshing! Sunday's brew was made using our Harvey Creek Blend as well, but the brewing process gave it a whole new personality. Don't beleive us? See our other blog postings for our recipe. It's very simple, you just need a little patience. 

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