Want to be rewarded for satisfying your
Lions Bay Coffee craving?

Bean Rewards helps you to earn points towards discounts to your favorite roasts!

What's in it for you?

The more you shop, the more you earn. For every $1 spent at Lions Bay Coffee Company,
 you will receive 1 bean to use towards discount codes.

Receive Beans for your birthday, for referring a friend, and for your social media follow.  

Earning BeansRewards
50 Beans
10% off
75 Beans15% off
100 Beans20% off
125 Beans25% off
150 Beans30% off
175 Beans40% off
200 Beans50% off

Refer a Friend + 100 Beans

Birthday Beans + 5 Beans

Like us on Facebook + 5 Beans

Follow us on Instagram + 5 Beans

  Follow us on Twitter + 5 Beans

How do you Sign up?

After your first purchase of our organic coffee, your account will be automatically created and your beans will be acquired.

You can also join Bean Rewards by creating your account to start collecting ASAP!

Claim your Rewards

You will receive a promo code that can be located in your personal account and used towards your purchase.

Please note that promo codes cannot be combined with other promotional offers.